Welcome Message by Prof.Lakshman Madurasinghe

Chancellor of iStudy and Hebron Eco University

It is with immense pleasure we welcome all students who are enrolling with the HOMSA-ADC new online campus to commence a fruitful journey to systematically study God’s word and be disciplined in its interpretation and application to matters of the world and Ministry. The Faculty of Theology, consisting of SAIT and MESA-GST now come under Hebron Eco University, which also extends to the IStudy platform and karis Ministries Dubai.

One of the primary aims of the ADC-HOMSA affiliation is to provide affordable, practical courses of study using high technology and social media to build group interaction and provide convenience to those who are not able to leave their homes or work places for full time residential study.

Towards this end, we have structured the programmes over a period of 3 years commencing with a Diploma of Practical Ministry –DPM, Advanced Diploma in Practical Ministry- ADPM and a BA in Practical Ministry in the third year. This course is the 1st Year of Bachelor of Arts in Practical Ministry (BA- PM). The first year DPM could be taken as a standalone program by all Bible believing Christians who wish to gain a thorough knowledge of doctrines while also gaining insights on practical aspects of Worship and Ministry, Counselling, Bible study methods and Expository preaching. This is good foundation for all Christian s called to leadership who require a disciplined approach to Ministry yet may or may not intend going all the way up to the degree level.

Each course will run over 4 weeks with lectures, videos, reference material plus group interaction using social media. During the 4th week students would gather in a physical class setting to go deeper in the subject matter and also complete an assignment. All instructions are available in the e-portal. Qualified faculty members are available to provide ongoing help to all students.
Our Theology graduates have either gone back to their professions, or are serving as pastors, missionaries and theological educators, or are continuing their studies in other theological institutions.

We are also affiliated to Keisie International University in South Korea which is accredited by CIAC . and are accredited By ICDRHRP which is in Consultative status with the United Nations.

Hebron Eco University is incorporated in USA and is also registered with the United Nations.

I sincerely hope you will enjoy your studies with us and welcome each of you to our online campus.

Prof.Dr Lakshman Madurasinghe., PhD., DBA., ThD
Chancellor of Hebron Eco University and iStudy campus
Colombo, Sri Lanka