Basics of Christian Faith – Free Lessons

Free introductory series of lessons for new believers. If you are new to the christian faith we recommend you to take this short course at your own pace. These video lessons of Basics of Christian Faith are offered FREE to all who are interested.

Once you have gone through these lessons, we encourage you to enroll for the Diploma in Practical Ministry online course specially if you are interested in ministry. It will be the first year towards a Bachelors degree if you would like to peruse it further.

Basics of Christian Faith - Free Lessons

Lesson #1 : A Beginners Guide to the Basics of the Bible – by Pr. Karen Joanna

In this lesson Pastor. Karen Joanna will introduce you to the basic sections of the bible and a brief on how to correctly progress through reading the bible.

Pastor Karen is the vice principal of the iStudy Online Campus.

Lesson #2: An Introduction to the Two Biblical Covenants – by Pr. Karen Joanna

Pastor Karen beautifully explains the two covenants of the Bible in a manner that is so simple to understand specially to those that are new to reading the bible and new to christian faith.

While reading the bible, knowing about the two covenants will take you to a deeper walk with God.

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